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Menco Group

Menco Group works to the highest standards of quality, safety and performance. Providing services specifically for plant outages and shutdown maintenance.

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Our vision is to be the leading provider of Furnace and Industrial Services Internationally and select emerging markets.

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MENCO Group intends to become the first choice service provider for industrial, mechanical, electrical & maintenance projects worldwide.


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We Operates according to international best practices to achieve the highest practical levels of Safety Health, Environmental Control and Quality

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Broad Experience

Our qualified engineers and professionals, advanced machinery and equipment resources; MENCO is committed to meet customer expectations.

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Capacity and Skills

We are continuously securing the proper resources to ensure the highest productivity specialized tooling and equipment.

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Chairman’s message

Greetings dear clients, employees, and partners alike.

Menco group strives for ample gratification by providing a welcoming feeling for our clients, as well as a sense of excellence through hard work, employee’s diligence, and an effective leadership structure within the organization. We pride ourselves on being customer oriented and able to adapt to the needs of any organization.

Exceptional attention is always given to each business case by skilled engineers and technicians. They provide competitive and reliable services that are in high demand, utilizing their accumulated experience every step of the way.Through our years of operation, we have had the opportunity to work in various sectors, each presenting their own challenges, which we have risen above and continued to push forward against.

Need for modernization in the industrial sector is a crucial factor.

Customer service is vital in maintaining a positive working relationship with clients and in forging new relationships. We always look to the future and constantly do our utmost to better our position by improving the services we offer. Continuous development of duties and managerial qualities allow the organization to cope with, improve on, and rise above every challenge in the most effective manner.

One of our decisive duties is to mollify the community which we serve. Seeing our community prosper provides us with a sense of fulfillment. This is why we hold employee devotion in the highest regard, while maintaining a significant contribution to the environment at the same time.

Menco team and I invite you to come and be a part of this rapidly growing industry through dealing with our company, benefit from our expertise, and move your investment from “Concept to Completion!”

What we can do?

Mechanical services

Installation of industrial machinery, equipment and production lines, Prefabricated buildings, Steel structures, Manufacturing and installation of ducts, chimneys, and cyclones, Thermal insulation systems


MENCO group identifies the key to success by our “Partnership approach.”We work with you from the preliminary consultation all the way to completion. You can totally rely on our mechanical & electrical installation.

Electrical Services

Industrial, commercial and residential machineries, Generators, synchronizing panels, Complete power and control for pumping stations, Lighting and power distribution for roads and sports complexes


Like everything else we do, our M&E services are structured to benefit you. We adapt our way of working to what you require, from a small but flexible service contract to a total integrated hard solution.


Our off-site modularization and prefabrication service offers more competent and economical alternatives to on-site production and assembly. The mechanical and electrical engineers begin with a full design and technical review


MENCO isn’t just an expert on mechanical & electrical services as far as installation and fabrication goes. Indeed, we excel in plant outage and shutdown periodically for maintenance as well, but without disruption to normal.

Dismantling Works

The intricacy of the demolition process is a function depending on the size and complexity of each project. For times when explosive demolition is inappropriate, mechanical methods are applied.

Reference List

Positively MENCO achieved its goal by gaining different experiences in various fields and excelled by the eagerness it showed through the years.  MENCO exerts its efforts to reach the highest standards of quality (ISO 9001:2008 )

Social responsibility

At MENCO, we believe our social responsibilities are not only to build a brighter future for the world through architecture and maintenance, but also to ensure that the youth of today can benefit from the projects of tomorrow.

Our Projects

Suez Cement Plant (Ain Sokhna)

Dismantling old two tanks and fabricat two new cylindrical process water tanks 100 m3 each over 100 m silos 25

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Tourah Cement Plant

Annual contract for maintenance of 12 packing machines in plant 1, 2, Annual contract for maintenance of 11 cement mills in plant 1, 2

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Helwan Cement Plant

Dismantling and erecting kiln section and tire, Replace scooping device of cement mill 6, Change gear box of raw mill 3 and alignment

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Taghleef Industries

Complete mechanical installation of equipment and piping for new polypropylene factory.

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NLSsupervision Project

Execute shutdown jobs in raw mills, Replace air slide fabric and casing, Replace air slide fabric and casing

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Titan (Beni Suef) Cement Plant

Execute electromechanical upgrading works for 4 haver & boecker rotary packing machines (120t/hour each) , Repair the separators, Repair the bucket elevator.

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Mechanical commissioning & startup of VCM3 & CA

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Helwan Company for Non - ferrous Industries - F63

Work of electromechanical Erection for a line of copper rolling equipment and its alloys

Complete mechanical and electrical installation of equipment, cranes, furnace, piping and electrical, control cables for new line.

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Helwan Iron Foundries - F9

Work of Installation of modern casting equipment with a capacity of 20 thousand tons / year

Erection all mechanical and electrical equipment, cranes, furnace, piping for new modern cast house.

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Gas Pipeline Project

Execution of a Gas Trunk  Pipeline with total length of 30 km at area of  Nooros plant in order to increase the extraction of gas 

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Construction of Storage Tanks -Western Desert

Fabricate & Install theOil Storage Tank with volume 5000m3 highe of tank 15m

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 Fabricate and erection the legs of basis for 4 spherical tanks, and make the civil works with a (2) storage tank capacity of 4000 m3 and (2) storage tanks  with a capacity of 2400 m3

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Construction of Pipe racks and bridges.

Make the racks and bridges for piping line located onshore at Zohor field

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Dickinson-Menco The Latest Expansion Venture.

Menco group is pleased to announce the establishment of its latest joint venture; Dickinson-Menco.


Dickinson-Menco provides a comprehensive range of turnkey electrical, mechanical, refractory and industrial projects and services to the Middle Eastern and North African countries, from its corporate head office in Egypt, supported by branch operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries and Saudi Arabia.


Meet the Partners:

MENCO Group for Contracting, Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance has since 2008 been providing an integrated service in the provision of installation, erection, implementation and plant start-up. The company’s main services are the installation and maintenance of industrial machinery and production lines, including consumer packaged goods and FMCG factories such as canned/frozen foods, juice, drinking water etc. MENCO also provides its range of services to the infrastructure sector including water & sewage piping, energy plants, petroleum fields, cement and steel supply as well as the industrial and civil sectors.


Dickinson Group of Companies, founded in 1910 has been trading for more than 100 years, having grown to be a Leading Provider of Furnace and Industrial Services to the Mining, Metals Smelting, Mineral Processing, Petrochemical Refining and Thermal Power Generation industries. Dickinson’s range of services includes furnace projects, refractory installations, furnace & heavy industrial demolition, refractory anchors, precast refractory shapes, silo cleaning, industrial vacuumation, catalyst services, corrosion protection and waste heat recovery technology.


About Dickinson-Menco
Dickinson-Menco will combine the strengths of the two parent companies to extend their niche range of products and services into the targeted region. Dickinson-Menco provides a comprehensive range of turnkey electrical, mechanical, refractory and industrial projects and services to the Middle Eastern and North African countries, from its corporate head office in Egypt, supported by branch operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries and Saudi Arabia.


Products & Services Range
Dickinson-Menco offers the following range products and services:

Mechanical Installations
Mechanical Services
Electrical Services
Mechanical Fabrication
Mechanical Maintenance
Dismantling & Industrial Demolition
Furnace Rebuild Projects
Refractory Installation Services
Furnace Demolition Services
Refractory Anchor Systems
Industrial Vacuum Services
Rotary Kiln Services
Precast Refractory Shapes
Silo Cleaning Services
Catalyst Handling Services
Industrial Lining & Coating Applications
Sheeting Installation & Refurbishment
Shot and Abrasive Blasting Preparation
High and Ultra High Pressure Cleaning
Petrochemical Tank Refurbishment
Cathodic Protection
Pipe Wrapping
Asbestos Abatement

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Kattameya Cement Plant lime stone steel cord Belt conveyor.

Menco has executed an emergency repairs, mechanical and electrical installations and civil works for lime stone steel cord Belt conveyor with a length of 500 m at the Kattameya Cement plant, as well as the maintenance operation on the belt conveyor as a result of its destruction from the collapse of the water dam. The work was completed in 130 hours only

Thanks Menco’s manpower for the effort.


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Helwan Cement Plant RDF project

RDF system installation including supply, fabricate & install Steel Structure:

Fabrication & Erection  the Dosing Tower Steel Structure             

Fabrication & Erection the Surface Feeder Steel Structure

Strengthen the Existence Piping Bridge

Install the Equipment of RDF System

Install The two Piping line from RDF Station to 2 burner Kiln

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Kattameya Cement Plant Rehabilitation of vertical coal mill.

1-change worn lining plates of top part.
2-Repair worn sheet metal of reject cone
3-check labyrinth seal and change worn parts
4-Repair worn-out parts of movable rotor vanes
5-change 2 pcs fixed vanes
6-coal mill ball installation 

7-coal mill table installation

Thank you Menco men for your effort in the urgent rehabilitating the vertical coal mill  at Katameya Cement plant in a short period of time not exceeding 4 days and half


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Tourah Cement plant Installation of CM11 Drive unit & Install. works of trans.diaphragm

1. Installation works for the new drive unit new mill section:

A. Dismantle all the existing drive unit. Repair the hopper & erect all missing
B. Installation works for the new drive unit of CM #11 which consist of :-
1- Toothed girth gear M = 29, Z=218.
2- cylindrical pinions M = 28, Z= 29.
3- shafts.
4- main gearboxes.
5- motor gear couplings.
6- Auxiliary main reducer couplings.
7- gear pinion-shaft couplings.
8- Base frames for Pinions.
9- Base frames for main gearboxes.
10- Base frames for auxiliary gearboxe

2. Installation works for complete sets of transfer diaphragm for cement mill 11.:

A- Install. Works of trans.diaphragm CM11
1. Completely Change sets of transfer diaphragm. 
2. Completely Change lining for first chamber. 
3. Completely Change lining of inlet mill. 
4. Close sixty percentages of holes in mill shell. 

 B-Install.1 Complete set of 1st chamb.CM11
1. change the mill inlet chute and the collecting chute lower the 
    feeding pipes 
2. change the feeding pipes (clinker, gypsum& additives) 
3. erect felt seal for the mill inlet throat  screen set
4. change the 4 rubber seals for the free and fixed tyres 5. change the greasing pipes for the free and fixed tyres (6    greasing points for every side)    
6. prevent oil leakage from the inspection doors of the fixed side tyre (change the door seals and bolts)
7. prevent oil leakage from the inspection doors of the fixed side shoe bearings (change the door seals and bolts)
8. prevent oil leakage from the inspection doors of the free side shoe bearings (change the door seals and bolts)
9. cleaning upper the fixed and free tyres covers 
10. fixed side oil tank: prevent oil leakage from the oil filter 
11. cleaning around the oil tanks 
12. change the inlet and outlet water nozzles 
13. repair the outlet


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Suez Cement PLANT Repair lime stone Belt conveyor #17 – Length 300m.

MENCO Group has been executed manufacturing and installing mechanical, electrical and civil works for lime stone Belt conveyor  #17 with a length of 300 m at the Suez Cement plant, Where we manufactured and installed frame of B.C & Supports bases for belt conveyor  along distance 300 m, Reconnection the electrical cables & adjust the civil bases. as a result of its torrent from the rain,The work was completed in 144 hours only



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New Dedusting System bag filter - Suez cement plant

- Dismanle the existance E.S Filter

 - Assembly & Erection works for hopper, Plenum, Structure support of hopper,steel structure of outlet duct & Body of bag filter

- Assistance for commissioning & Startup on Site and all on-site activities to obtain the Provisional Acceptance of the wholly erected and fully operational “New Kiln Dedusting System"

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