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Social Responsibility

At MENCO, we believe our social responsibilities are not only to build a brighter future for the world through architecture and maintenance, but also to ensure that the youth of today can benefit from the projects of tomorrow.

We also understand that in order for this great industry to maintain its prestigious and vital status, this generation of youth must develop a prospective or an interest in the industry. They should conjure up fresh new ideas on how it can manage to develop and adapt to the times that it is placed in.

This is why we encourage young people to engage in productive activities, and why we sponsor such activity like the (first Arab Kick Boxing Tournament) which was recently held in Egypt.

It is our responsibility to raise our children to be productive and self-thinking, so they can build on our establishments and accomplishments.

Along with encouraging healthy activities, we also do our fair share to help the impoverished. During the month of Ramadan, we hold special gatherings for our employees and their families, allowing them to socialize and experience the hospitable side of the company.

The MENCO family also generously distributes gift bags to the less fortunate individuals in the country, and sees this as another way to appeal to the public while demonstrating heartwarming fulfillments to its moral responsibilities at the same time.